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About Award-Winning Pazienza wines

In 2013, Mark Flowers decided it was time to venture into the world of business ownership. The entrepreneurship seed had been sown during his days in business school but the plant had finally matured and started to blossom. His curiosity with wine had become so strong that he helped found a small wine marketing company with two friends. After helping launch a soon-to-be national wine brand he decided to start a new solo project. 


Early 2014, he connected with friend William Allen, wineblogger turned winemaker. William suggested he intern with him and the collective of winemakers at Sheldon, Two Shepherds and Krutz Family Cellars. That summer he began to shape what would soon become mark edward wines.


William introduced him to Dylan who would become his mentor, advisor and kind supporter of his fledgling brand and first wine, Pazienza Petite Sirah.  


With the 2014 Pazienza now in bottle, 2015 Harvest proved to be another exciting time for mark edward wines. Dylan connected him with local (Sonoma) vineyard owner Jesus Ceja, of Ceja Farms, to purchase not only some fantastic organic Petite Sirah but also some Zinfandel. After crush, Mark realized 3 barrels full of wine comprised of the second vintage of Petite and two new wines: Zinfandel & a Red Blend. 


As you might notice, the wine has an Italian name and this is from Mark's multiple stints in Italy and his Sicilian family heritage. Whether you speak Italian or know that Pazienza means patience, surely you can connect with the idea of having to wait for something truly special that when it finally arrived made you extremely happy. That is the idea of the Pazienza wines.


Pazienza's Sonoma County Harvest Fair winnings: 

2017 Harvest Fair

GOLD - 2015 Pazienza Bella Red Blend

SILVER - 2015 Pazienza Petite Sirah

BRONZE - 2015 Paziena Zinfandel

2018 Harvest Fair

1st Place Amateur Label Competition - 2016 Pazienza Zinfandel

GOLD - 2016 Pazienza Bella Red Blend

SILVER - 2016 Pazienza Petite Sirah

SILVER - 2016 Paziena Zinfandel

Thank you so much for visiting & learning about my wine. I can't wait for you to try it!

Salute et grazie,


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